Using the Savor Life Planner with Digital Tools

Facebook Group Q of the week: 

"What digital tools do you use along with your Savor Life Planner?" - Lindsay Satterfield, productivity trainer

Here are some of the top answers! 

  • "I use along with the planner. One is for work, and one is for life!" - Sharon Rosenberg
  • "Google Calendar keeps me time-accountable and the planner is great for tangibility." - Sasha Viers
  • "I use ClickUp for project management and my planner to keep my work aligned with my greater vision." - Devin Eecke
  • "When brain dumping on Sunday night, I reference my todoist for the most important tasks for the week to add to my Savor planner." - AdreAnne Tesene
  • "I use G-cal with my planner because it's not real unless it's written in my planner!" - Angela Kim

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