What I learned from buying a farmhouse on Friday ❤

Hello! 💕

On Friday, I checked off "Buy a farmhouse" on my Savor Life list. It's our "nourish to flourish" escape from Manhattan.

I've always wanted a dreamy porch to hang light lanterns, swing on a hanging bench, and savor coffee on Sunday mornings.☕

As I look back on the process, it was hard but easy.

What does "hard but easy" mean? It means that how you see anything is everything. 

Our new farmhouse was built in the 1840s, so there were inevitable issues. I expected that there would be challenges, but I chose not to get on the drama-coaster. This made the process feel easeful. 

Week after week, instead of getting frustrated or annoyed, I simply wrote the action list in the "Brain Detox" section of my Savor Life Planner

Dreams take work, and when you decide to commit through action, there will be resistance. 

How you see this resistance is what matters. While most people see it as a sign to give up, you and me--we know better.

Resistance is the sign to keep growing and powering through. 

I promise you, your "dreamy porch" will be your reward. 

Here's to looking at resistance as friend, not foe,

Angela Jia Kim